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Mission Statement

Our passion is to create a network of cultural connectivity among students, from everywhere in the world, who study in The Hague.

Under the name INTERACCESS we want to realize this passion, and give students the possibility to interact through our parties and cultural excursions.

INTERACCESS is the International Student Organization of The Hague. It was founded in June 2007 by an initiative of The Hague University and enthusiastic students.

The aim was, and is, to provide a concrete base for the steadily growing number of international students and to help them quickly and comfortably adapt in The Hague, The Netherlands.

We believe that the best way to create these cultural connections between the international students is to create an engaging environment where they can meet and interact with other international and national students alike through parties and field trips which enable them to experience and explore the Dutch culture first hand.

Although INTERACCESS is still a young student organization, we can look back at our successful five years where we have organized memorable trips and social activities and say that we are growing stronger day by day.

Today the INTERACCESS team consists of fifteen ambitious students who work very hard to continue the success story through organizing fun filled activities for their fellow students.
Many students, not only from The Hague University but from other schools as well, have shown interest in the organization and our activities. With the continued support from The Hague University, The Hague City Municipality, ACKU, and other partners we will grow stronger so that the following generations of international students can have the time of their life in The Hague.